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   Topic: Post-Label Wishlist

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Don't tour with A) anyone you've opened for or B) anyone they've ever toured with.
   Topic: Eisley with Kashmir

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oh wow, i love kashmir!!! yeah, it's thanks to stacy's vid that i heard too lol. i love ruby over diamonds!
Does this still exist somewhere? SYP?
   Topic: Top 5 Favorite Songs

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1. Silver Bugs

Other four, orderless:

Lady of the Wood (Machines)
Plenty of Paper
Golly Sandra
We Feel Good
   Topic: Trolley wood

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...the Room Noises version at the very end? I hear no Mandarin, just Sherri saying "Aaw yeah, good job!" Stacy replying "yeah" and Sherri and Chauntelle echoing it again over hoots ...
   Topic: Eisley planning a surprise for us soon?

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Fog Breathers
   Topic: Who's buying the remastered Beatles albums?

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Late to the party.

But have we heard of this?
FLAC 44.1 Khz 24 bit and MP3 320 Kbps formats.

I've been on a Beatles kick again rec ...
   Topic: Eisley Gifs EDITED

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When Invasion first came out I made a handful of gifs meant for use as avatars. These are all I could find: http://i49.tinypic. ...
   Topic: Ten Cent Blues

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I'd like some answers from the seasoned Laughing City townies!
You didn't actually ask a question...
   Topic: Hey Eisley...

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Yes, that would be great. I've yet to be disappointed by any artist's Daytrotter session, and I always get really excited when someone I like announces they've recorded one. Eagerly awaiting Nicole At ...
   Topic: max's cover

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I think it's awful.
   Topic: really WB...?

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I wouldn't really call Gossip Girl a drama...
   Topic: Say Anything Tour-- San Francisco, 15 Oct 2009

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Thanks for this!
I assume the grey one's the sweatshirt with the moon man from the litho on it? Is it a zip-up? A ...
   Topic: Tour kicks off tomorrow!!!!!!!

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I think I've just decided to go to this tour, now.
   Topic: Tour kicks off tomorrow!!!!!!!

Replies: 62
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   Topic: 10/30 show request

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In my experience the HOB isn't terribly strict about the whole floors thing. I mean, you do have to start upstairs, but if you make a trip down to "buy merch" no one will check to see if you ...
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