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   Topic: Shows not on ticketmaster

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I've noticed from The Fray's site, there's a fair number of Eisley-Fray-Gomez shows that aren't on Ticketmaster. Is there an alternative purveyor of tickets, or do we west-coast folk just need to be p ...
   Topic: BOYD!

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This laughing citizen is... well... laughing (not at you, with you. Razz) But in the mean-time, yeah, there's probably not a whole lot of band-stuff to update on (and of course there's the insanity of p ...
   Topic: *EDIT!* We should plan some show of power on release day

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I like the crazy/wacky/amusing ideas, but I think in all seriousness air time is what's gonna make this album fly (pun definitely intended). So I would recommend if you know an alt-rock (they seem to ...
   Topic: I NEED QUESTIONS before tomorrow night.

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Wow, it was looking like I had first dibs when I started, and here come all these crazy people and cut in line before me... Razz Anywhy, questions...

1. Could you go into a little detail about the s ...
   Topic: Newbies.......introduce yourselves here!

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Heyo. My name's Daniel Maxson (Maxson for short). Got introduced to Eisley by a friend. Now they're my favorite band, not even for the music necessarily, but for who they are.
I'm a student by profes ...
   Topic: Whats your favorite and least favorite song on RN?

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Going by Room Noises...
Favorites: Marvelous Things, Plenty of Paper, Telescope Eyes
Least favorites: Brightly Wound, Just Like We Do, I Wasn't prepared.
Don't get me wrong, these are great songs. ...
   Topic: How to meet Eisley

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Yeah, I'm one of those people who had every chance in the world to meet them (I was at the Sac performance in the Library) and let it all slide cuz I was too shy. I even saw them walking to Starbucks ...
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