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   Topic: Anyone else think that Sherri...

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love it.
   Topic: Official "What do YOU think of the album" thread!

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Content wise, to me, Combinations is a very mature album. If they wanted to make a statement to anyone labeling them as too immature and dreamy this is the album to do it with. There isn't really any ...
   Topic: In your music library, who's before and after Eisley?

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Dirty Dancing and KC and ELKA
   Topic: The Invasion Trailer (the Eisley version)

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   Topic: Invasion Video

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Loved it. I would have liked to see it in color but the black and white reminds me of old alien movies so it fits perfectly. Sherri's part and the ending were sooo good.
   Topic: the baby/myspace

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whoa baby that was purdy.
   Topic: Austin pictures! (All the photos are here. Woo!)

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Chauntelle is such a rock star. She looks awesome in those pics.
   Topic: Escaping Song

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what is the escaping song about? i'm kinda confused, what is the purpose, what does it mean? Question please give me an explantion, sorry if this has already been a thread

it's about whatever you want ...
   Topic: art that I'd put on the next album

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I'd hire this girl to create something for the next album if I had anything to do with that kind of stuff. g
http://i21 ...
   Topic: augghhhhhhh

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no we're not. Wink
   Topic: augghhhhhhh

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uuummmmm...... you ever walk into a room and hear or see something you weren't suppose to? that's how i feel right now.
   Topic: Marvelous things

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Ha. From the very first time i heard it to even now i never even put a thought to what "Marvelous Things" could be about. I always used it as a metaphorical pick me up song.

"And sl ...
   Topic: Boyd Tease #2

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Nooooooooooooo! First I miss them with Brand New and Now Taking Back Sunday. Crying or Very sad Somebody really really really doesn't like me.
   Topic: i'll show you mine, if you show me yours...

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got this signed june 14th 2002

one of the famous hand made sherri buttons ...
   Topic: Sherri's Engaged!!!

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ohmygosh! Shocked I like totally wanna cry. Liwil Sherri's gettin married. Congrats to Sherri and Chad! Chad gets to marry an incredible woman and Sherri gets a prince charming so awe's all around ...
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