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   Topic: WOW it's been a while

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Man it's been years since i've been here.. Too long..

Once again, I was on youtube and the song that got me loving Eisley came on (I wasn't Prepared) and now once again, i've got Eisley fever..

   Topic: Warner Bro's are bummin me out!

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Well I couldn't find the Eisley Dvd/CD in stores (All the ones i've been going to have had no copies! W00t!) So I decided to order the DVD/CD over

I ordered it on the 18th and it wa ...
   Topic: Question about Sac show. (Is it or isnt it?)

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On Eisley's myspace it doesn't have the Sacramento show, but on their website it does. Is it still going on?
   Topic: CONAN O'Brien show

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I love this freakin band..

I've been away from LC for a while, time for me to get back into this mama jamma!

As far as the performance, I thought it was amazing.. Like always, late show (Like C ...
   Topic: are there any chad and sherri wedding photos?

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There are other photos, but I doubt they'll be released for our consumption.

i was just wondering.

Don't lie,you wanted to photoshop your head on Chads and post it on your lj claiming to be the ...
   Topic: when i own a wii

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I just got a wii!
   Topic: Eisley YouTube clip

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I LOVE this video..

GAH i've been SO out of Eisley for such a long time..

2007 it's ALL gonna come back..

Dear God Sherri is gorgeous...

   Topic: New Eisley Video here!!

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The first thing that popped in my head....

Sherri who?
   Topic: Eisley'd Out?

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Honestly, i'm not tired of them, but I admit, I haven't listened to them in a while and haven't kept up with the journals as well :/

I think it was because I missed their last concert that came in ...
   Topic: Beach + Eisley =

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Well when you do, get that mp3/cd player ready!
   Topic: Beach + Eisley =

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Beach (More Specific, Santa Cruz, CA Beach) + Eisley = SURREAL.

Listening to Eisley on the beach is like the coolest thing ...
   Topic: Memories: the Video

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I thought it was Eisley's best video to date. It was very artsy and totally fit Eisley. Very well done video.
   Topic: Bertie Bott.

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When my little cousins come over, we eat them lol.

Bacon is down right disgusting....
   Topic: Late but oh well..

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Andrew Shirley (I think) one of the guitarists of Switchfoot, who I saw last month in concert (AWESOME AWESOME concert) was wearing a ...
   Topic: should i introduce the girl i like to eisley? *Zombie thread

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My favorite bands (Besides Eisley) range from SlipknoT to Lamb of God and I LOVE Eisley.

If you really aren't sure, just show her some songs that you think she'd like. I personally think you should ...
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