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   Topic: East Lansing Michigan concert?

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Hey guys...

I'm trying to find info on the East Lansing Michigan concert. It's not on Ticketmaster, and the link from the Eisley site does not lead to tickets either. I even called/emailed the un ...
   Topic: How Old Are You? 10 - 30 Eisley Market Research

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Geez, what if you're 35? I'm a 35 year old kid and these guys are my favourite band. Rolling Eyes
   Topic: Chauntelle's Singing Voice

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wow, everyone go listen to "One More Day With You" sung by Chauntelle on YouTube, if you haven't heard it yet.

It's heartbreakingly beautiful. No reason she shouldn't sing more lead.
   Topic: Christie in Eisley?

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Guys, what do you think of Christie joining Eisley? Why wouldn't she? She's old enough, can sing...I mean, why not?
It would be quite the supergroup.
Do you think it would be too many singers?
I' ...
   Topic: Eisley in Toronto

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wow, i'm as infatuated as ever. loved it, guys! looooovved it!
and holy cow, chauntelle sang! i didn't know that was her near the end of 'i could be there for you'. girl, you MUST sing more!
   Topic: christie dupree/chauntelle singing?

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maybe i'm late in this, but i just discovered some recordings of even younger sister Christie DuPree singing on MySpace, and i'm blown away. i can't believe there's ANOTHER one! to me, she most rese ...
   Topic: Sherri's Red Picture

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I didn't know Chauntelle had a daughter...does she?
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