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   Topic: Grammy Awards

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Yay for the Flaming Lips getting two grammys (Best non-classical instrumental for "The Wizard Turns on..."and Best Engineered Album) and OK Go getting Best Short Form Music Video for "H ...
   Topic: cd player voodoo =O

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You remember it because, like all of Labyrinth, it is IMPOSSIBLE to remove it from your mind.

That was in Labyrinth? It was in The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer first. Cary Grant, Myrna Loy, Shirl ...
   Topic: The "I Got Room Noises" Experience Thread

Replies: 151
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I love the vintage Eisley bits in the packaging.
   Topic: a call for help to all fans

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I've been thinking about selling some of my Eisley memorabilia. I have the Origin article, ep2, "vintage" show posters, pretty much everything there is to have pre-signing except for the Observer arti ...
   Topic: Eisley Promo Idea

Replies: 27
Views: 21151

Dude! Slap bracelets! Brilliance!
   Topic: Do Dogs Have Lips?

Replies: 22
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The Simpsons. Reverend Lovejoy. I googled it.
   Topic: Which song are you most going to miss not being on the LP??

Replies: 27
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Mr. Pine! I cried when he was cut.
   Topic: What is your favourite season?

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I hate winter. It's cold (hate cold) and it's holidays are stressful family relation-straining, bank account-draining headaches. Summer is by far my fave. Warm, sunny, and it's one holiday is all abou ...
   Topic: I'm down with the sickness!

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Still pulling out of a nasty cold that I've had now for 3 days.
   Topic: Would anyone be opposed to a board awards?

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Like the few above me, I have to wonder at the purpose of such an award dealy.
   Topic: MMM???

Replies: 21
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Not no more.
   Topic: i'm excited

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The words "zombie legion" somehow spring to mind. Laughing
   Topic: Where do you like to stand at concerts?

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It depends. If it's a band that has an awesome guitarist, I like to plant myself right in front of him to see the fingerings. But you always get the worst sound right up front. I'm fairly tall, so see ...
   Topic: who would win in a battle of the bands?

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Post reply...

Texas. Hands down.

I know that Austin is a big music town and all (SXSW, hello), but I don't know of any bands that hail from there. I know a metric ton of decent bands in the Dal ...
   Topic: what kind of milk do you drink?

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Whole is too much, and skim tastes like water. Blagh.
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