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   Topic: I glimpsed a bat with butterfly wings...

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That's awesome. I drew my own bat with butterfly wings once haha, but it wasn't nearly as good. It seems as though most of the entries that got accepted are taking the "Room Noises" thing a little too ...
   Topic: Classic Rock Poll

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Bob Dylan all the way.
   Topic: Eisley promoted in American Eagle stores

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That's pretty darn cool. I was in there the other day, but all they had on was Rob Thomas Confused
   Topic: Pictures from Tyler show - LUVBEAT and more pics added!

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There were some people on my left who were way into it. Singing with every song. And then the people to my right were more interested in humping their girlfriends. I bet they read this and hate me now ...
   Topic: Let Chem/Calc help YOU step up your love for Eisley.

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That is awesome. I'd rather being doing that then Chem too. All we do is review for the regents every day.
   Topic: Tyler Show Set List!!

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::Is jealous::
Only $5, geez! I'd have paid a lot more than that. You got very lucky.
   Topic: Pictures from Tyler show - LUVBEAT and more pics added!

Replies: 34
Views: 12408

The last one is really cool. Thanks Jamie Smile
   Topic: How tall are they?

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Boyd should build like a "police lineup" photo of them all in a row together, with cool measurement grids next to them showing exactly how tall they are...that would look cool!

Haha I like that ide ...
   Topic: Eisley should do an in-store signing in NYC

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Very good idea. It'd partially make up for the fact that I can't see them at the Bowery.
   Topic: wait...SIX AUTOGRAPHS, from last nights show

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Hah, i had my bag signed too.
   Topic: Thanks Anyways...

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I have this same problem with NY on June 24th. It's 18+, which sucks. And you have to have a valid I.D. and can't be chaperoned in, so I have basically no options. Then again, the Bowery (where the sh ...
   Topic: What religion/faith are you?

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I believe in a God. But the rest I have come to believe through my own experiences. I dont believe that God is up there, granting our prayers and making decisions for us. There are t ...
   Topic: Kaiser Cheifs

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What a coincidence. I randomly got their purevolume site the other day and from what I heard I really liked them.
   Topic: Help...

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I used to feel like that, but after a while you tend to realize which posts to read, which to scan over, and which to just avoid altogether.
   Topic: Erie Pics

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Wow those are really good.
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