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   Topic: New Eisley Song: Defeatist

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Love this song Very Happy
   Topic: Cubs -- Maybe next year...

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Well the Cubs have at long last won the World Series and that's cause for celebration But now we have no more "wait until next year!" I mean, is that going to take away a great deal of excit ...
   Topic: Cubs -- Maybe next year...

Replies: 421
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World series game 7! That's sweet in any case, but unbelievable!!! The two thirstiest teams in baseball, meeting tonight, game 7. I still can't believe my senses. It's like something out of ...
   Topic: Cubs -- Maybe next year...

Replies: 421
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As a Cardinals fan, last night was a bad dream. But as a long time Tampa Bay fan, I knew that if anyone could do it Joe could, and he just might. Good luck!
   Topic: Is This The End?

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It's funny, but the tenor of this thread is very reminiscent of the period immediately following the release of Combinations. Combinations, to be fair, just was not Room Noises. However, it was a wond ...
   Topic: Eisley Spring tour

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Thanks! Very Happy
   Topic: Just Like We Do Vol. 1 and Plenty of Paper

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If you hang with them at the next show, what would you talk to them about?

Well I didn';t hang with them at all I found them. said Hi and asked for a picture/autograph.

I saw boyd outside an ...
   Topic: Anything new from the DuPree crew?

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Reminds me of the Zac Brown Band, with a shot of Chauntelle. Crazy good!
   Topic: Memories Vol. 1 & 2

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This is kind of random so I'm putting it here. I was in this coffee shop/record store today and they sell only vinyl and if you want to here anything they have, they'll bring it over and put it on the ...
   Topic: All time favorite Eisley songs

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Sherri's favorite: Rolling Eyes Brightly Wound!
   Topic: Have You Served on a Jury?

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Served on a jury once. It was a civil trial, but extremely interesting! Also it was a great lesson about American jurisprudence. I was afraid however, that I would be called up for the George Zimmerma ...
   Topic: "Currents" single now available!

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Love it! I'm into 'modal' jazz like Liam Sellery, Jeremy Pelt etc., and Currents seems to have that kind of vibe! Smile It's fresh, not trying to be like everyone else. It's, in a word, Eisley!
   Topic: Anticipating LP4

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I can't wait until LP 4 comes out! I just noticed on i-tunes that they're touting Paramours' new release. I sure would like to see their banner replaced with Eisley's!
   Topic: summer tour

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[quote="MacRVA"]I honestly love when Eisley is supporting instead of headlining, other than the shorter set of course. It's nice to see them play to a bigger crowd, plus they're more likely ...
   Topic: new sucre cover!

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Loved the minimalist treatment of this song. Of course, I think most things are over produced anyway. And that cello; no wonder Bach wrote so much for it!
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