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   Topic: Nothing like having the flu on your daughter's wedding day!

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awww, that stinks. Crying or Very sad but at least you got to see your daughter's wedding!!!!! Very Happy can't wait for the beautiful pictures!!!
   Topic: Chauntelle/Adam Engagement

Replies: 88
Views: 20463

haha, honestly...i love fall out boy, TBS, AND eisley.

i like all different types of music! hate me if you will...i like the fray too. and i love nfg. haven't really listened to brand new..... ...
   Topic: If tegan and sara have one, so should eisley.

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remember the old bus?! i remember when it was on sale on eBay and stuff.

i wanted it.

too bad i'm just a broke college student. :'''[
   Topic: What Chad said about his engagement to Sherri

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hahahaha that was funny.

"...well, she didn't know at the it was all good."

lmao. oh chad, you're so silly.
   Topic: Anti-emotional wedding pills

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and Sherri's niece, and flower girl. Smile

i always wanted to be a flower girl.

something about wearing that perty dress and throwing flower petals always seemed fascinating and yet extremely f ...
   Topic: Free Pita chips for Stacy!

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dang, you guys made me really hungry for some pita chips.


looks like i'll be going to the market to buy some. hahahaha. mm. pita chips...::homer simpson drool::
   Topic: Eisley YouTube clip

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you gotta go to the youtube homepage, and then click "More Featured Videos". it's in the 4th row, the last on the right.

i just ignored their comments. they're just stupid because they' ...
   Topic: Boyd's camera?

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i have the canon rebel xt

it's awesome. but the lense it comes with isn't so great. but if you're not serious about photography then i guess it's ok.
   Topic: The Winter Song: Wanted.

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try borders.

they always have the marvelous things ep at the borders i go to.


i love the winter song.
   Topic: Stacy is SO beautiful...

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Perhaps even to Ron Burgundy?

holy crap!!! I WAS GONNA SAY THAT!!!

lol. i'm really late on this topic.
   Topic: Final Noise Merch

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dang. is there any new merch that's gonna go up on the site? i wish there was still the green room noises shirt because i love mine and i wanted to buy another one incase anything ever happened to t ...
   Topic: Honest, hard working Laughing Citizens

Replies: 79
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at the moment i'm unemployed.

but i plan on applying at starbucks, haagen dazs, and borders real soon.

heh. yesss
   Topic: Sorry Sherri...

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   Topic: Bogus E-blast not my doing

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yea i got one too and i was like "...did gmail mess up and send it back to me after i deleted? Question Shocked Confused "

but now i know that it was an error from prolly wb.
   Topic: Philips sl300i(just look)

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i know this has nothing to do with your topic, but hey!!! i love paramore!!!!
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