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   Topic: Start making baby bets here!!

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We all lose!

Awww, that link doesn't work any more. I wanted to read what it said!
   Topic: Eisley's Kickstarter: Touring our New Record!

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This particular Kickstarter landed on the front page of the A.V. Club. Well, it's more of an article about Kickstarter in general, but it used this one as their prime example. ...
   Topic: Happy 10th Anniversary, LC!

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Happy belated birthday, LC. Did you get the card I sent? I'm not sure I have your current address. The address I have is your old PO box. I hope it didn't get lost in the mail. Please know that I was ...
   Topic: Eisley in Denton!

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Seriously dude, it's 20 miles down the road. I wouldn't call that away from home.

I can't understand why it's so important to you that he be less excited about his trip.
   Topic: Farthest distance travelled for Eisley

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Well, Ash and I decided to take a drive from Saskatoon to follow Eisley for a few tour dates during the summer of 2005.

We drove from Saskatoon to Winnipeg (485 mi). We drove from there to Minneapo ...
   Topic: R.E.M.

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I also got the new album but I haven't really listened to it yet. I thought Accelerate was good, but it never really clicked with me.

I really wish they would tour. The best show I've seen has been ...
   Topic: Turning Tides Tour

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At first I was depressed because there were no shows in Austin or San Antonio, but I just realized I am going to be in Houston in June Smile

Hopefully Warehouse Live will utilize the big room instead ...
   Topic: Trolleypost

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Why not create a new account on the LC, a "this is not boyd" type account Wink to post what you wanna post. Matter of fact, create 3 or 4, switch it up every so often, keep em' guessin'! Very Happy
   Topic: I just finished reading Perry v. Schwarzenegger (Prop 8)

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You people are smart. I often get envious. Really. Even when I don't agree with some of you, I sometimes find myself enjoying the well-reasoned, thorough explanations.

Sometimes I want to participa ...
   Topic: Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

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I saw them on The Daily Show last night. They still sound like the lamest, most overrated band this side of Coldplay. There's like 8 or 9 musicians, but they mostly get lost over the constant 8th no ...
   Topic: Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

Replies: 27
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It generally takes me weeks (sometimes longer) to form good opinions of most albums I buy. In general (maybe too general), albums that I immediately like don't have much staying power while ones I don ...
   Topic: Mild Mild Midwest Tour reports

Replies: 67
Views: 9892 that the Jenny Lewis show from last June? Cause I was definitely there.

But yeah, Houston crowds suck. Jesse Lacey got pretty pissed the one time I saw Brand New there. And Jenny took it ...
   Topic: Mild Mild Midwest Tour reports

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RUDE to talk over a set. Lame.

Houston audiences will talk over the headlining acts. It's annoyed a few bands.

Because of the talking, Tim Smith said "this is the last time we're playing Ho ...
   Topic: last movie you watched...

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Up In The Air
Crazy Heart

Interesting coincidence: Clooney's character in Up In The Air was named Ryan Bingham, and there is a real guy named Ryan Bingham who wrote a couple songs for the Crazy He ...
   Topic: Operation: Eisley

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That was a great story. Nice and suspenseful. When I started reading "ENTER PHOENIX, PART 2" I was saying in my mind, "Just fly into KC!!" Hooray for a happy ending.

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