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   Topic: Good Eisley Review at Allmusic

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I found a good review of room noises [url=]h ere . I haven't had a chance to get a copy for my self yet but I hear from friends that i ...
   Topic: Who has been a fan of Eisley the longest?

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october 01 Very Happy
   Topic: What's in your cd/record player right now?

Replies: 60
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Sufjan Stevens - Greetings From Michigan: The Great Lakes State

*GASP* i love that album! i didn't think anyone else knew what it was...

I love that album too, and his new one "seven swans" ...
   Topic: so....

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hmm. i think this has been a good year for new music so far.

i've been listening to
brother danielson - brother : son
sufjan stevens - sevens swans
midlake - bamnan and silvercork
the olivia t ...
   Topic: Bjork-Do you love her, hate her or in between?

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bjorks one of the best artists ever...
   Topic: rage or audio

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i think that i've been a bigger fan of soundgarden over the years... but, if i had to pick between the choices i'd pick rage. i guess thats cos there was a time when i really like rage, but now for th ...
   Topic: about the next show...

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I might be.. who knows.
   Topic: Official Recording News. 9/09/03 (song included)

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personally.. I'd really like to hear

queen of leaves
they all surrounded me
marvelous things

I don't remember what memories sounded like well enough to be able to suggest it.

g ...
   Topic: MTV Video Music Awards

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I havent had cable since I was in jr high many years ago, and for the most part I dont really miss it.. (except for shark week!)

So.. If you were to ask the question "how much of the mtv awards wil ...
   Topic: What is it like?

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I think the guys in eisley are really good looking too.

weston and jon are so hot, if I touched them I would be on fire!
   Topic: Eisley Tagged?

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wow.. uh.. yeah.

You know you're famous when your name gets tagged on a railroad car, If thats what that is... I cant tell.
   Topic: birthdays

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August 10.
   Topic: Head against the sky?

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I agree with diddlebaum. As much as I like the old stuff (H.A.T.S., becoming you. sleepyhead, pretender Smile ) The new stuff is better. Trollywood.. and that other song... too. and the queen of leave ...
   Topic: Brewtones Pictures (Friday)

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I got a shot of weston, but I lost it.
   Topic: friday's brewtones show

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Last night rocked to the max. The connotaions were good. I thought ester drang were awsome, and eisley blows my mind with how good thier live performance is now, and with the new music. I like that ve ...
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