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There's an interactive thread in EisleyBlog, but this is a nice collection of quotes from the major publications about Room Noises, for visitors who find themselves in here. Thanks go to my mom for compiling the quotes.


"(Room) Noises charms with refreshing indie-flavored pop-rock fare.....we were right to declare Eisley one of South by Southwest's 2003 stand-outs."
Entertainment Weekly

“In this era of bling-bling hip-hop and ultra-calculated teen pop, sometimes it’s just great to hear—and kick back to—an album that doesn’t have any pre-fab designs on your pocketbook. A record that appears to exist simply as well-conceived catharsis for its creators. Looking to be this decidedly disarmed? Look no further than Room Noises”

“This is a tough job. I’m supposed to retain my critical objectivity in describing Room Noises, the debut full-length album by teen wunderkinds Eisley. The problem is that the album is so enjoyable that I’ll have to grasp at the proverbial straws to find a flaw......
Room Noises begins with a newly recorded version of the previously released “Memories.” And I guess this is where objectivity should kick in. I wish that Room Noises contained all new songs. There are a total of four songs that have been heard before. Three of them—“Memories,” “Telescope Eyes” and “I Wasn’t Prepared”—have been re-ecorded (with the exception of “Telescope Eyes”) to superb results. The fanciful “Marvelous Things” though, is exactly as Aaron Sprinkle produced it for the Marvelous Things EP, showing that Eisley wisely knows that perfection can’t be improved upon........
The most striking thing about Room Noises is the overwhelming charm of Eisley’s music. They harmonize fantastically; and artful, multilayered harmony has sadly gone into disuse in current pop music. There is a youthful exuberance and a keen collective imagination at work here. If James M. Barrie were a contemporary author and a movie was being made about Peter Pan, I feel certain he’d want Eisley to score it. When you hear them singing “I shall never grow up” on “Brightly Wound,” you’ll believe them and wish you hadn’t yourself.”


“This is music for the new era”
Fort Worth Weekly

“One of the endearing factors of this album is found in its musical approach. Eisley incorporate piano and other keyboards into their songs, something that a whole lot of us miss and are firmly enjoying the resurgence of. “Just Like We Do” which follows “My Lovely” is a gorgeous tune that bring to mind, for those of us who still fondly remember that era, 70s pop in the vein of Seals and Crofts, acoustically speaking. As well, the spirit of that whimsical era is found in the tune.
I’m excited about Eisley. I don’t say it a lot about many bands but we have an extraordinary album here that I’m highly recommending. Don’t be the last on the block.”


“the tug-of-war between fairy tales and real life is what makes Eisley, and Room Noises, so enjoyable.”
Allmusic Guide

"That mixture of bittersweetness and innocent optimism is what makes Eisley so darn appealing. Nowhere are the stereotypical I-just-wanna-have-fun or my-boy/girlfriend-dumped-me-and-now-I-wanna-swim-with-the-toaster music for THIS pop band. While they have some love songs, the emphasis is on their enchanting kind of whimsy."

“conjure(s) a teenage neverland where everyone is sad and beautiful, and punk never existed.”
Rolling Stone

“...their just-released full-length debut, Room Noises, is far more intriguing than their bios might imply. Songs such as "Memories" and "Telescope Eyes" are moody and contemplative, with the DuPrees' ripe harmonies simultaneously exuding warmth and melancholy.”
Denver Westword

“Eisley, with all its playful yet mature sibling interplay, is all about the harmonies. Fans of rich, dueling voices in pop music will appreciate Eisley's instinct for melody.”
Denver Post

“Listening to "Room Noises" is like getting a quick history lesson in a few of the basics of guitar-based popular music, followed by a seminar about the genre's future. The music displays a solid foundation of the Beatles, upon which is built a darkness that belies the band's affinity for Radiohead. Decorating it all is a spacey dreaminess a la Pink Floyd”
The Skyline View

“If you heard that a small-town Texas band was chosen to open for notables like Coldplay and Snow Patrol, you’d probably expect one of two things: A) they have a great booking agent, or B) they are very talented. In Eisley’s case, they may indeed have an excellent booking agent, but it wouldn’t be very hard for anyone to sell such a musically gifted band.”
The Hard Music Magazine

“Damn...This is so f%*#ing gorgeous!”
LA Weekly

"...Room Noises, is the sonic equivalent of a very beautiful woman."
Austin Chronicle

"This is music to get lost to; it's music that will transport you back
to those golden days of your youth..." "A dynamic first-time release
from a band that's far too young to have this good of a sound."

“Room Noises is to Eisley what The Bends was to Radiohead--a really
good album that shows their talents now and forecasts a storm of
genius on the horizon. The world needs songwriters like Sherri and
Stacy DuPree--talented, innocent songwriters who speak from the heart
and the soul and the mind. It's sorely lacking in today's music world,
and the simple fact that a band like Eisley exists shows that there's
still a glimmer of hope in a run-down music scene.”

Mundane Sounds

"...Eisley has recorded nine new songs and they have created a
harmonious album of some of the most real music I've had the privilege
to hear, in a long time. The album is definitely easy to listen to,
over and over again, as Stacy and Sherri's (respective) voices never
get tired. Although strong vocals are present, the band is not
underplayed. It is a perfect mix of the instruments, and the vocals of
Stacy, Sherri, and Chauntelle. "Each song has its own flavor, and so
there is little or no repetition on the entire CD. It's a CD of
original, unique music."

Generation G

"...Eisley deal in sunny melodies, wide-open skies and only slightly
adulterated optimism. Like a pre-cynical Rilo Kiley or a rightsized
Polyphonic Spree, they summon a grand sonic sweep with modest
garage-band means (it makes sense that Coldplay handpicked them as
tourmates in 2003)..."

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