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Okay Everybody:

We know that The Valley deals with matter of the Heart, and there is a contingent of people out there, one that will probably GROW exponentially, that could use a little Solidarity on said occasion.

SO he's what I'm suggesting:

Via Facebook, Twitter, any media you have, all the LC'ers/ Laughing Citizens/ Laugh Staff Post a link to one of the LEGALLY and APPROVED Eisley streams or DL's from the The Valley & change our Profile Pic to a Graphic from the Valley as a show of Support, dedicated to the Jilted, Jaded, Broken Hearted & Solitary.

It would be sweet to get a Eisley Created Profile Pic, say, someone cropped the cover image or the Litho image with a Heart Template and applied a border of some sort to give it a little polish?

That's where my head is at.

Alternately, there are songs that are less about broken hearts and more about the heart longing, like Kind (I think we've got a few officially released live vids of that one out there) that would work as great Love-In-progress dedications (as well as a few Eisley classics) that can serve a parallel purpose on St. Val's.

Who's Down? We can go grass roots with our friend's and networks to put it on blast, but if we can get a solid grasp, and get the ball rolling for the greater horde of fans out there.

yup, that's my name.

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