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Do some opinions matter more than others?
Nope, all opinions are equal
 22%  [ 2 ]
Yes, an informed opinion matters more to the conversation
 77%  [ 7 ]
Total Votes : 9

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Vintage Newbie

I've gotten into squabbles with people over this and want to know what other people think. Which is kind of odd considering the question.

Specifically, the question is concerning things that don't result in someone dying if an uninformed opinion is used. So opinions concerning art and whatnot.

Are all opinions equal or do the opinions of those that are active contributors to said communities matter more?

In other words, does a musician have more of a say concerning what is good music than a person that simply listens and critiques?

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mr pine
Vintage Newbie

no. only my opinion is right and everyone elses is wrong.

at least, that seems to be how the world works these days.

I always say, its ok to disagree.

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Laughing Citizen

I voted yes before realizing you meant opinions about art. Then I would say opinions are completely subjective and equal. But I would take a mechanic's opinion of what's wrong with my car over someone who tinkers with their car.
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Vintage Newbie

Yeah, opinions are objective, but there are such things as negative opinions, as in ones that negate things, a step beyond being critical.

On the other hand some people offer observations as opinions for example of one opinion possibly having more value or merit than another.

Honestly, that old saying, "Wisdom from the mouths of babes." rings true with me too, a fresh set of eyes can be a good thing, so uninformed opinions can be very valuable too. It's really a matter of what the opinion is and the context though right. I DO believe time can be wasted.

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