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I wonder if this essay would strike a chord with Eisley members: uld-just-stop-$#@!-growing-252af2a6504b#.hj7b2119a

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Read that yesterday courtesy of themaninthemoon.

I empathize with her in regards to the relational strain with her sister, but then as a creative person who has been a part of the "music business" on a few levels (radio, retail, promotions, performance, journalism) it bothers me. She has invested in the outward perception of the commercial side of the industry and let that undermine her artistic actualization. That may very well be part of an underlying schism a lot of artists have because they desire freedom, but are starved for approval. You can't have both in a world where free will and popular opinion influence people to like disparate things, none of which have to be your work.*

Trying to reconcile creative freedom with commercial success is a quick way to undermine your sanity with delusions of all sorts. Some people fool themselves into thinking they are making great art when they are just making great product that is popular. Some people convince themselves they are making great art because of just how unpopular it is. And toss in every variant or inversion of those extremes and you have a recipe for disaster.

It sounds like she has come to some sort of emotional reconciliation with her situation by justifying her frustration as a muse (a nihilistic self-fulfilling prophesy if taken too far to an extreme).

I feel a lot better about someone like Lissie, who took the opposite approach (Dia's choice seems to be grinding it out in a industry town) at the same point in her life just recently, and carved out her own path towards fulfillment and peace.

and if you are too tired to read...

*Personally I don't think there is anything wrong with pleasing people with your creative endeavors. Accessibility can be enjoyable as a listener and a performer. Just so long as it sounds good to my ear.

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