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Lost at Forum

1. Sure... If it is convenient... There is more opportunity to get the music out there.

2 10 - 40 years of age, perhaps...

3. I would say that there is a pretty even mix of males and females... perhaps leaning more toward a higher male fanbase.

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Golly, Poster

1. Sure. I don't buy my music from Walmart but that's probably because I live on Long Island and I have lots of places to go. But like others have said, there are some who just have no places near by to buy music.

2. I'd say the majority of fans are, maybe, 14-30. But there always exceptions. My 8 year old sister likes Eisley.

3. Hmm. I'll say 50/50. But that's really based on the forum.

yeah, so I didn't say a lot. Most of what I think has been said already.
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Lost at Forum

1. Hey if Wal-Mart will stock it then you got to go for it. There is a reason that Wal-Mart is the biggest store around. Lots of people shop there and lots of people buy stuff there...including CDs! I've even boughten a few there myself. I'm not even sure if I knew K-Mart had a music section on the other hand. But, business sense tells you that the more places you can buy it, the more that will be sold.

The biggest thing is radio and tv play though. Get the singles on radio get it on MTV. Go play the Conan O'Brian show. Don't you dare think of it as selling out. Sharing great music with the masses is not selling out. I'm tired of great bands breaking up because they don't have the album sales which would have eventually come if they just had the right exposure.

2. The great thing about Eisley that they appeal to everyone. Men and women of all ages. That's why I knew when I first heard them that as long as they keep making quality music and that music reaches the masses, they'd be huge. Their music alone is emotional and cool enough for us fans who have come over from Radiohead and Coldplay, and with young teenagers getting away from pop, Eisley fits in great with the progression to a more adult / real sound. The music is also radio friendly enough for those older people (like my mom) who only listen to top 40 radio to sing along and get hooked. Their youthful but mature attitude, their cutting edge style, their overall hipness just adds fuel to the fire. Oh yeah, and it definitely does help that they have a website that makes the listening public a part of their journey and keeps them connected more than any other band around.

3. As far as sex demographics. I think the males will outnumber the females just because the 15-30 male demographic is more prominent in the music listening scene. I'd have to look at what numbers are across the board, but males just listen to music more. They're the ones that are mainly buying the cds, they're the ones with the iPods, they're the ones going to concerts. To quote Bruce Hornsby "that's just the way it is."
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Admiral. sweet.

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Vintage Newbie

1. They should be popular enough to be in Wal Mart. The music is good, apparently their label loves them, this should be entirely possible. As long as they don't skimp on advertising (good videos, commercials, magazine articles, ads, etc.), they should be pretty popular. Of course, this makes them less accessible as people, and more as musicians. Which does the band want more?

2. The music is kind of beyond demographics. Since they're pretty young, most of the people to give them a first listen will be people around their age. But, the music is acessible to older people who pine for the experimental music of their youth. Just as long as you get them to hear the music, and not just see the photo spread, they should be able to come along with the kids.

3. Some men honestly don't like to hear women sing. It's a strange thing. Women tend to like hearing other women be in the front. But I imagine most people who appreciate a sound like Eisley's won't care what the timbre of the voices are. I see it pretty close to 50/50. I must admit, as a man, I appreciate hearing good music coming from a band with three attractive ladies in it. There's really no losing there.

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Sea Post King

1. It should be everywhere, in every music-type store, every music distributor should distribute it. Among chain stores, Walmart is the country's largest retailer, why would it not be there? That's worrisome.

2. Eisley's biggest market 13-20.

3. i'd guess 60-40 female.
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Sea Post King

1. I'd say yes. We need to make the CD as accessible as possible for anyone who wants to buy it. And seeing as how I'll be out of town on Feb 8th, I would love to be able to just hop on over to a Wal-Mart and grab a few copies without having to search all over town for a cool CD store.

2. I think Eisley's main market is the 13 - 25 range. In general, teenagers and college aged people are usually more into music - all kinds of music - than other people, but Eisley definitely has more of a mass appeal. My mom likes Eisley, as does my grandma, my little cousins, and most of my music-loving friends.

3. I think it's about 50/50, MAYBE leaning a little more towards the girls though. All my girl friends like Eisley, but some guys think their music is too girly, or wimpy, or weird - whatever.

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Sea Post King

The overwhelming support of Wal-Mart is saddening to me. Wal-Mart is evil people. We don't need to look to the consumer whore master for CD sales.
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Sea Post King

-wal-mart is a good place to have it available, wal-mart sells cds cheaper, so that might be good for sales
-i figure 14-35
-i guess 50/50

will there be a lyrics booklet (i love those), & if so will it be w/ the cd or given at the register like 1st come 1st serve?

& if not there should be a lyrics booklet (i like reading & singing along when i know the words)
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Sea Post King

1. I know that often times you have to make a lot of business related sacrifices to get into Wal-Mart, but their wide distribution around the country combined with their popularity in the ďheartlandĒ makes me think getting Eisley in might be useful. But, if youíre in Best Buy/Circuit City/Target thatíll cover a pretty wide swath of the country as well. Ultimately, itís the price (I think) that will make the biggest difference. Part of the reason why Avrilís first album sold so many millions of copies was that in many places it was priced at $7.99. Even a low price the first week of release can really make a difference. I think people are a lot more willing to take a chance for under ten bucks than they are for $15 or more.

2. Iím just outside the 14-24 age bracket but I still love the band as do my friends that Iíve introduced Eisley too. So Iíd say maybe 15-30 might be a better range.

3. Guys vs. Girls Ė based on the concerts Iíve been to, it seems pretty evenly divided.

I know I donít post much, so I'm sorry about rambling on so long in question #1. Iíve been doing my MBA homework all weekend.
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Vintage Newbie

Do you have to sacrifice a virgin to get your album in Wal Mart or something? I'm not sure why all this negativity...
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roughly i'd say 15-30, but to narrow that down more, 18-25/28. i think more college people would be into eisley. like many indie fans or people who like eclectic music. people who would purchase Paste / CMJ / DIW magazines. judging from my area, not many teens are into eisley. they mostly like the pop stuff heard mostly on the radio and played on MTV and the like. although, isn't that what chauntelle said would be cool to be on (i think that was her who said that).

definitely 50/50 on the gender.

i'm not too sure about wal-mart. but i know you guys/gals are supporters of them. so, i wouldn't mind/be suprised if it's sold there. although, i never go to wal-mart since there isn't one by me. i'd have to drive an hour plus just to get to one. and by then i wouldn't feel like shopping. it could be sold in small shops as well as retail giants such as Circuit City and Best Buy. maybe Target too.

also, selling the cd at a low price, i.e. $6.99-$8.99, would be a great idea. i remember when i bought Maroon 5's 'Songs About Jane' 2 years ago at Best Buy, it was selling for $6.99. i had remembered reading about them in a magazine, so, i snatched it right up without hesitation.
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Lost at Forum

i think getting the cd into a variety of markets is probably a wise decision. around here wal-marts are hard to come by because i live in the city of the target corporation so i advise getting the cd into target and maybe selling it for less than the standard price. a lot of lesser known bands can be found at target for a nice price which encourages the curious. keane is an example of a cd that i bought at target, on sale, for less than seven dollars. both me and my friend did even though we hadn't heard them before. a friend whose taste in music we respected told us to buy this cd at target 'cause it's cheap, and so we both did. sorry, i'm rambling, i'm sleepy.

as for age, i think the main demographic is midteens to early twenties. i myself am 25 and everyone else i know that digs eisley is this same age. but i believe eisley is fully capable of captivating younger people, especially girls. and older people as well, anyone who is open and curious and not stuck in their particular genres.

i believe a (only slightly) larger percentage of girls listen to eisley than boys but i guess i'm basing that on the fact that all the girls i've introduced eisley to have liked them and the one boy who listened wasn't really getting it. but i was introduced to eisley by a guy. so i guess i don't know for sure what to say. at the show there seemed to be a pretty equal amount of each gender present. there are more guys on the forum but i don't think that is an accurate way to gauge the overall demographic of the fan base because boys are much more likely to participate in online activities.

hope this was in some small way helpful.

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Sea Post King

1. Yes, better exposure, doesn't hurt credability and many people in teens age buy cds there.

2. Id say 16-18. Most my friends are 16-18 and love eisley. most people i see at shows tend to be late teens.

3. Id say 60% guys 40% girls..for no reason really.

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Lost at Forum

A few people bring up a good point about the pricing of the album. Any word on what the inital price point will be Boyd? I think it would be wise to keep it on the low side of $10 if at all possible. If you can get it on the "new artist" endcap at places like Best Buy next to other cool bands like Keane, Franz Ferdinand, and the Killers, it will do a lot better.

I remember buying John Mayer's "Room for Squares" at Target for something like $8 before he was anybody. If it was $14 I might have passed at the time. But, for $8 I thought it was worth the gamble. I was right. Now I'm looking forward to buying my next album with "Room" in the title! Wink
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