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Is Eisley a "Christian" band?

Short answer: No. They do not write Christian music (songs to or for the Christian marketplace). Their music is not on Christian radio, they have never been on a Christian label. The members themselves, however, are Christians. If Eisley were painting landscape paintings, would they be Christian painters or just painters. So... if this helps - they aren't painting Bible scenes on canvas.

Longer answer: This would require a book.

Here are some words on the topic from the members themselves:

Sherri DuPree interviewed on
In response to the question "Do you all consider yourselves to a 'Christian' rock band?", Sherri said:

"We're definitely not a Christian rock band. We are Christians, in that - we have a church that we go to, but it doesn't really come out in our songs. So I definitely wouldn't classify us as a 'Christian' rock band. Our personal lives and our religion don't really come out too much in it."

And in response to "So you are not trying to spread any kind of Christian message at all?":

"No, not really. As far as that goes, it will hopefully come out in our daily lives through people we meet. It is not something we are trying to force on anyone else. Definitely not."

Chauntelle DuPree quoted on
"We have people tell us things like, 'Your songs just move me emotionally to tears, and I don't know what it is, there's something about you guys that's so different.' And we hope that that's God, you know, something from God ... I mean we're created in his image; talent to write songs or play music or whatever -- those are just gifts; everyone has them really; we just want to be reflections ... you know, pass whatever unique thing God's given us to people everywhere."
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