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Eisley - Confusing Discography as follows:

1.) Ep 1 - They're all on the website - hi-rez, except Pretender.
The band doesn't like that one... included "Blackened Crown",
"Dream for Me", "Pretender". Has a computer generated (color) cover
I designed - real hack, real indie.

1.a) Some time after ep 1, Collin County Jr. College picked Eisley to
record some stuff with as a class project. Sadly, none of it was any
good...I mean, it was all horrible as far as I can remember. yes. yes. it
was. "Becoming You" was barely even considered a demo. Just an idea
that the band dropped after playing it live maybe 10 times or so. I tossed
it on the site just so that you guys could see how crappy things were in
the old days. Smile Well...the song had some potential,, along with
many others during that era were trial and errored.

2.) Ep 2 - Includes the songs off Ep 1 (minus Pretender), but adds "Over the Mountains,
Telescope Eyes and Head Against the Sky". (3 more added; the concept
being - the band had grown and there were tons of new folks that hadn't
ever heard the first ep... big festivals caused us to combine for the
greater good of the many - outweighing the needs of the few) This had a
4c printed single page printed both sides - sorta brown-taupe-greenish
with some of Sherri's early art figures with all 6 songs in type on the
front. The back had an image of the band together that was taken by a
friend at Texas A&M - Commerce after a show they played there.

3.) Laughing City ep - you guys know this one. On "Record Collection".
"Over the Mountains", Telescope Eyes" (new version), "I wasn't
Prepared" and "Tree Tops" and "Laughing City" were featured. This can
still be found on line and in stores - perhaps not as easy to find as
Marvelous Things will be".

4.) Marvelous Things - to be released this Tuesday (Dec. 9th)
Includes: "Marvelous Things", "Memories", "Sea King" and "The Winter

Of course, nobody should be posting either of the last two official
releases. The others were just indie stuff the band did and burned and
sold. Do whatever you want with that stuff as far as we're concerned.

Trivial: Recordings of Sun Feet, Mr. Pine, Sea King, Tree Tops are also
well kept secrets - recorded by Mike Mogis that didn't make the cut to the
limited "Laughing City" ep; I guess these tunes will forever entombed in
dark mystery - secret chambers, vaulted in digital solitude - never to
reach the light of laughing ears.

After the full length, nobody will really care about all this stuff. Right?

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