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do you like a drink?
i'm a ravin' drunk
 4%  [ 3 ]
I'll have a few with some mates
 52%  [ 37 ]
nay alcohol passes these lips of mine
 43%  [ 31 ]
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Vintage Newbie

Do you drink alcohol? Or do you not?

I don't. Here's why.

1. I tried a centurion with vodka. Only, that'd kill you, so it's one each tenth min. I ended up vomiting. Never want to do that again.
2. I don't like the taste.
3. I like to look happy wasted - dancing on floor/table/bar - but getting the final laugh.
4. Don't want to lose control of my brain. Ever. (being asleep is different).
5. Want to be there for mates who're worse for wear.
6. I know, simply, that i don't need to drink.
7. I know i can't actually control myself.

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Vintage Newbie

Don't drink.

1. Never acquired a taste.
2. Too young to buy.
3. Have more important hobbies/goals than inebriation.

I know the last one sounds really pretentious, but I honestly don't mean any ill-will to drinkers by it.

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Vintage Newbie

Power is only pain

Itís probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.

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Vintage Newbie

Occasionally... or you know, rarely.
Be happy, be contagious.
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Sea Post King

I drink, but only when I go out with friends. I only like prepared drinks, so I don't drink much. I hate beer, wine and I don't have good experience with vodka... My first time really drunk, I had drank a lot of vodka and ended up throwing up with a three-day hangover. Bad memories.
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Sea Post King

I do enjoy a good beer. The wheat ales are my ideal taste. Sadly I am a couple months short of 21 but living in San Francisco there are tons of places that do not card so getting a beer here and there on tap is rather refreshing. I'm no drunk, but sometimes a couple randomly are just nice.
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Golly, Poster

I don't drink mainly because i'm to young to buy the tuff but that doesn't stop some people i guess
and i doubt i'd drink much when im older either

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Vintage Newbie

Lol, having a drink isn't going to make you "lose control of your brain." Although, I've known plenty of girls that would love you to believe that. Rolling Eyes

But yes, I do drink. Only with friends and not all of the time; depends on my mood. If I'm in a bad or sad one, then definitely not.

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Lost at Forum

for the cost of a night out drinking I can buy a book (or two). Id rather stimulate some brain cells than kill em'.
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Drinking doesn't have to be about getting drunk. I drink alcoholic beverages because the fermentation process can add an insane amount of depth to the flavor. I can't even tell you how much eating and drinking enhance my life. An amazing meal with an amazing wine or beer is every bit as worthwhile as a good book or concert or anything. Don't set up the false dichotomy between not drinking at all, and being a drunk. Moderation can be hard, but if the reason you don't drink is that you don't want to exercise the willpower to moderate...I dunno, I think you're not having as good of a life as you ought.

I love beer and wine, but I've never once been drunk. I'm 31. It's not really that hard to hit a happy medium. Especially if you do it from drink number one, rather than waiting until you're a bit of an alcoholic.
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Lost at Forum

I don't drink that much. My boyfriend is an alcoholic, so I don't like to drink around him. He doesn't mind if I do, but I just feel more comfortable if I don't.

And many of my friends aren't old enough to go out with me. I have only a few friends that I've gotten drinks with, but nothing too serious. When I was in Prague last month, I was drinking more frequently, mostly because beer was usually cheaper than water. But never did I drink so much that I got drunk.

Drinking doesn't have to mean getting drunk. Unfortunately many young people don't realize this.


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Vintage Newbie

This is probably going to be the most sanctimonious thread ever.

I drink when the mood strikes, which is maybe once every two weeks at the most. Alcohol is expensive and I'm broke. A good cider gets me tipsy after two bottles, but for some reason my tolerance for rum and vodka is extremely high so I dig mojitos and bloody Marys.

I live in a city where liquor and beer can't be sold in the same building, and the stores close at 11 and bars at 1, and only now that I'm vacationing in Savannah do I see how ridiculous that truly is. Here you can get any drink "to go" and carry it with you anywhere in the historic district, which is pretty freaking amazing. An attitude of moderation is really the only way to approach alcohol. Regard it as a disease and that's what it will become for you.


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Vintage Newbie

I do not and here is why:

1. I don't care for the flavor. I've tasted wine, champagne, and a margarita. The smell of beer is enough to keep me away.
2. I find drunk people (for the most part) to be a complete annoyance.
3. I'm too young to purchase.
4. I don't like to take any mood/mind-altering substances (which is why I am also generally hesitant to take medications as well.)

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Laughing Citizen

I enjoy having the odd beer, especially with a meal. The only time I will have a few drinks in a row is at the occasional party or gathering. I'm partial to mixed drinks with rum or tequilla. I have always drank moderately and I've been drunk only a handful of times.
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Miss Pine
Golly, Poster

I drink in social settings but I really HATE being drunk. I definitely don't drink to get wasted.
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