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Sea Post King

2nd time seeing the gang last night. A smaller venue than last time in November, but way better sound quality. They did a carbon copy of the Seattle setlist, but no trolleywood Crying or Very sad which made my daughter "sad"-- she probably would have been happy if they'd swapped out Sad for Trolleywood, but it was nice to hear all of the Valley.

Should have just yelled out for them to play it, I'm sure they would have obliged. And had to resist the temptation to yell out for Stacy to not drop the microphone Rolling Eyes . But otherwise it was a great show-- kind of wished they would have come out afterwards for a quick chat (no encore-- they just walked off & it was over), but...

I wish we had a more Eisley-friendly town. There were maybe 80 people in the crowd, which is nice if you want that intimate concert feel (and how great is it to stand 5 or 6 feet away from Chauntelle while she's banging away on her guitar?), but these kids deserve a way bigger crowd. They're so good!!

And had a nice talk with Christie. She was so funny in her segment saying that if the band hadn't brought her on tour, she'd be back home working at the Smoothie King.. also had to laugh at her blink-and-you'll-miss-it part of I Wasn't Prepared. The stage could barely hold all 4 of the Dupree girls. It looked pretty crowded.

Oh well, that'll have to hold us til they come back in the fall.
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Laughing Citizen

Thanks for sharing! Glad it was a good show! Smile Too bad there was no encore! Sad
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Golly, Poster

This is the third Milwaukee show I've missed. There's definitely a fan base in the area...sigh. Haven't seen them since 2008.
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