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What kind do you like best?
Cheap / Bud / PBR / Big Flats
 5%  [ 1 ]
Wheat / hefeweizen
 15%  [ 3 ]
Hoppy / amber / IPAs
 26%  [ 5 ]
Dark / porter / stout / chocolate
 15%  [ 3 ]
I don't drink it.
 36%  [ 7 ]
Total Votes : 19

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do not be afraid.
Lost at Forum

Saellys wrote:
Tricia Helfer?! Wink

I don't think that's her — but it does look like her, and if it is, I don't really mind that at all…

uncreative wrote:
Yeah, it's not one of those blow you away beers, and maybe because it's their staple year-round beer it doesn't get the same care in craftsmanship as their special brews do. That's the problem with mass-production of anything. Also, going from one coast to the other, maybe you're right about it being an older bottle? Sorry it was a slight disappointment, but I would say maybe give it another chance sometime. I've been enjoying Dead Guy Ale now and then since I turned 21. Smile

Yeah, honestly, really thinking about it, the biggest problem I had was just the price. The store I got it from was charging over $6 for those 22 ounces (roughly equivalent to a $20 six pack), and it just wasn't worth that! I'm not sure who set that pricing, or why, but for that money I won't be buying it again. If they brought it down to a more reasonable place, though, I'd definitely consider it.
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Vintage Newbie

That is actually my main problem with Rogue, they charge too much... They make some good beers, but all their 22 ouncers are at least $5, usually $6, even here in Oregon where they're based. But they sell six-packs of Dead Guy in 12 oz bottles for around $9 or $10, so if you see one of those that'd be the way to go. Not sure if they make it all the way out there, though... As far as I know, that is the only beer they bottle in 12 oz, everything else is 22 oz and overpriced.
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do not be afraid.
Lost at Forum

I think Victory may be my new favorite brewery. Despite my stated preferences for darker styles, all the beers I've tried from them have been decidely pale (Prima Pils, Hop Devil [the darkest by far, but labeled as a “pale” ale!], St. Boisterous and now Golden Monkey!), yet they're all what I truly look for in a beer: perfectly balanced, flawlessly crafted, traditional in character, and packed full of flavor! This Golden Monkey has a rich malt character, despite being brewed with sugar (something the brewers talk openly about, but which somehow you don't see mentioned in any of their promotional materials!), a definite and distinctive hop character, and that wonderful banana flavor from the yeast, all in perfect harmony. It's almost shocking a beer like this could come from an American brewery — it isn't watered down to appease the masses, or pushed to one extreme or another to appease the idiots on RateBeer and BeerAdvocate whose palates have been destroyed by one too many double IPAs, it's just pure craftsmanship of the highest order, and it's delicious. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a beer this light, this much. Good thing I bought a six pack!
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Kylee Janai
Vintage Newbie

I'm down with the really cheap beers, but Yuengling is my go-to. However, we have a local brewery - Flying Dog, which is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. - Cool looking bottles, too!
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