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I was looking forward to that show since it was announced, and then I got a lovely thing called Lyme Disease. Mad
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definingawesome (11:44:11 PM): Eisley shivers our timbers
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That sucks.
I wonder if princesstripandfall went?
She usually always posts video of Brewtones shows.
Wow, norad hasn't posted since Sep 2014!

I was trying to remember the release date for Currents and Perma. I was thinking they came out in different years, but both appear to 2013 albums. Anywho, came across a new Max/Darren video:

This appears to be the home studio all local projects record at, I think Sherri and Max's garage. Have there be any photos or videos that show the full size of it? Is it pretty much just the size of a normal one or two car garage or is there more to it?

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Lost at Forum

For anyone who said "why not just ask her", I asked her on Instagram and her blog, Instagram wasn't responded to (expected) and the blog comment was never approved thus deleted so I'm assuming it's just being swept under the rug for the time being.
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Ask Boyd or Kim?
Not sure what they're most active and responsive to. He is pretty active on Facebook.

I am Torgo. I take care of the place while the Master is away.
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At this point, I would say, the lack of response would hint at a desire not to answer at this time. Could be for any number of reasons. Maybe best let things play out?

I sort of think of Eisley akin to Wu-Tang Clan now anyway. Everyone has their own projects that occupy most of their time, and they come together every so often to do a collaborative album that helps them relaunch their other projects with more interest from the collective fan base.

Wu-Tang albums never guaranty the appearance of all members, but usually they come through. Certain members are staples to the group that are always there, and a few are really popular and cast a long shadow, so their appearances are lessened, but highlighted.

Right about now I see Merriment as the Raekwon & Ghostface combo of the Du-Pree Clan. Christie the Chef featuring Ghostface Collin in Only Built for Swaying Links. Yeah.

Garron is like the RZA, producing multiple projects, so GaRZA?

I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead, if I even am, but anyways, Stacy seems to be in that Method Man-like spot: Singled-out as a potential break-out star early on, with the talent to carry a project solo, but in a position where the size of the audience might not outdraw the following the main band has, but her departure could also damage the following of the band, if it was seen as a complete exit from the group, sans another member ascending to a higher profile to spur renewed interest and popularity outpacing the disappointment and shock of her leaving.

Method Man, though not featured as often as he might have been early on, has been on every Wu-Tang album as best I can recall while continuing to pursue acting roles, and doing solo and collaborative albums outside of the group. It's not unprecedented, be it Hip Hop or Rock or Indie. The way the industry is, for a band with an established audience, that isn't hellbent on trying to get larger and larger and woo industry power brokers, there's less and less reasons to end and act or split permanently outside of personal/ professional rifts outside of making music. It's now OK to settle down and make a living outside of touring and music sales (which was hard enough to do to begin with) and tour every few years instead of every season or so. It actually seems to be more conducive to happier bands, stabler lives outside of the band, and better musical output when it comes.

The old model of how to be a professional musician was built on the fact that the compensation model was built to prosper the labels first and foremost, and the artist last. Artists mostly made their living wage on the road because advances from the label were absorbed by the labels own production, marketing, and distribution costs. A band on the road was singing for their supper so to speak, and on top of that, by being out their grinding it out coast to coast constantly, promoting the label's interests by hopefully generating more exposure and publicity to push sales, airplay, and fan base size. Those things prospered the labels since they owned the rights to the music and were the first to recoup dividends when the rights to the music in their various forms made money.

Once you cut out the corporate bureaucracy, it becomes more cost effective for an artist to produce their own music, and only tour when it benefits themselves personally the most, like when they have a release they want to promote and support and dates they can play in favorable markets. If they wait 4 years between tours, but spend those 4 years doing things to offset the cost of touring so they don't put themselves in the red when they hit the road, it take the pressure off, and lets them focus on the shows, instead of how are they going to afford to make it to the next show?

My point is, I am happy with Eisley slow-walking things, and in doing so, see know professional reason why anyone would benefit from leaving the band in entirety. I do understand why they could all be apt to lessen their commitment to the band as a singular pursuit and top priority personally and professionally. I'm all for them only doing it when things are right, for everyone, in the capacities they can manage. Keep the love in their, and all will be well. For them love is built into the equation by nature.

Ok, I'm going to shut up now.


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