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   Topic: Turning Tides Tour

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Come back to Boston on weekend night (or any night that's not a freaking Monday) and I'll attend.
   Topic: I've made up my mind

Replies: 24
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After hearing the album I wish I heard it back in '04, '05, or even '06 when I was obsessed with the band. I can agree that it's certainly their best effort and best creation as a band but...

Wel ...
   Topic: Favorite songs from The Valley?

Replies: 138
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IMO, Ambulance is the clear favorite. People might be forgetting as it's been available for a while.

Mr. Moon, Better Love, and The Valley as 2-4 in no particular order.
   Topic: 2000 Post Club

Replies: 234
Views: 75123

Good to see after all this time I'm still top ten. Maybe I should make an old school post blitz and bump myself over 10,000.
   Topic: lurkers, step forth from your caves!

Replies: 218
Views: 94786

Sup, old LC?! I won't be dropping by the old chat room or anything, but I just wanted to say HI to all the old boardies... I miss spending countless hours with you guys and gals.
   Topic: Walkability Part II: How walkable is your neighborhood?

Replies: 48
Views: 18801

My address got a 26, which probably should be worse. The flaw in this site is that it's measuring the nearest grocery store to me in a straight line. Sure, if I cut through the woods, some backyards ...
   Topic: Lyrics to "Smarter" and "Be Kind"

Replies: 53
Views: 16955

Anybody know the story behind what Smarter is about? Confused
I feel like it's kind of obvious. Marriage/divorce of Chad. Unless that was sarcastic, in which case, oops. ...
   Topic: last movie you watched...

Replies: 6689
Views: 1184657

Let the Right One In
   Topic: Eisley and Katy Perry

Replies: 63
Views: 17409

I'll put 5 down on Say Anything.
   Topic: Have You Ever Seen a Cow??

Replies: 47
Views: 13575

How about a chimpanzee riding on a segway?

Bam ba ba bam bam bam!
   Topic: The Most Embarassing Thing About Dozing Off At School 22/40

Replies: 33
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WTF? You expect way too much out of yourself.

Maybe, though, it suggests that I simply care about my studies... outlandish suggestion, I know - don't shoot me for being so controversial!

good b ...
   Topic: The Most Embarassing Thing About Dozing Off At School 22/40

Replies: 33
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Clearly the most embarassing thing would be a sex dream between you and the guy next to you. How is there even a debate?

"Uh... I know a girl name John!"

I've only fallen asleep in cl ...
   Topic: Pray for Kim

Replies: 41
Views: 15931

Is this related to the hospital visit a few years back? I forget what that visit was for...
   Topic: Cubs -- Maybe next year...

Replies: 421
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I'm glad Manny finally found a home! Smile

Why so we can stop hearing things out of him soon? Well, that is until he decides to stop playing again or pushes an elderly Dodgers manager.

The Dodgers ...
   Topic: last movie you watched...

Replies: 6689
Views: 1184657

When there's a party at a certain friends house a couple of us always lounge around the next day and hold mega movie marathons. We always watch the most random movies. Today was one of those days, a ...
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