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   Topic: What's the chord in "A Sight to Behold"?

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It has that poppy gloss which makes things hard to pick apart. Based on your notes, it would be an extended tertian harmony (if were are assuming it's functionally tonal).

Personally, I hear F a ...
   Topic: Where can i find clothes like the ones the Eisley girls wear

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Hannah knows what's up - I work at Buffalo Exchange and at my location, a lot of our inventory is Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters labels, Forever 21, some Marc Jacobs/Tracy Reese/Diane von Furstenb ...
   Topic: Will the New Indiana Jones be any good?

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Why can't all action movies be set in either the '20s or the '50s?!

This one was pretty tasty, although the combination of ancient artifacts and shiny sci-fi silver was funny-looking for sure.
   Topic: Dallas show!

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Aww the bandy kicked so much booty!
In the middle of the show I randomly remembered seeing them play for the first time at Gypsy Tea Room in 2003 on a Sunday afternoon. It's practically not the same ...
   Topic: Dallas show!

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Me and my henchman are gonna tear it up Eisley style fa sho' sho'!

What? I don't know. Anyways I'm super pumped about going and that's why I'm going yay yay I live close to HOB so suck on that.
   Topic: Videos from Highline Ballroom NYC 4/23

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Stacy is getting sassy on the 'Then she chose to dissect me' breakdown in Ten Cent Blues.

daaamn u go grrrrl *snippity snap snap snap!* Wink
   Topic: sherri's new hair colour

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Hers is the colour I almost always have; it looks waaay more delicious on me than any of the colours with which I occasionally experiment(among them, "Slightly less purple red" and "Sli ...
   Topic: Let's Settle THIS!

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Please stop making my brain dance.
   Topic: tyler loves them some Taco Bueno

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Awww! Every weekend of my childhood was spent with my Aunt at Taco Bueno. The words "Two party burritoes and a frozen lemonade" are forever hardwired into my little old mind. And guess what. ...
   Topic: is reprise going to work another single from combiations

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my personal vote is for Go Away, a song which would ironically make people not go away at all!

YAY dumb joke!
   Topic: After you go to the bathroom..

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this is the best thread to happen in the history of the LC.
   Topic: Pants!

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Man, button then zip. I used to go the other way around until I started wearing high-waisted pants and shorts from the '70s, which are all about tight-tight-tight hard-to-zippiness!
In fact...
I ha ...
   Topic: Live Show Vocal Intro - What happened to it?

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How funny! I was just thinking yesterday that I was going to PM one of the bandladies and ask them to resurrect the vocal intro from that show so many ridonkulous years ago.
   Topic: I finally shot Eisley... (Now with 2 HD clips!)

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Want more please?
   Topic: I can't believe i missed this!

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oh sorry. Laughing

it's a radio show in dallas. Smile
this was the playlist on sunday.

Wow! nice playlist!

but mostly... BSP! American Airplay! that's amaaazing!
well, not really...Eisley's be ...
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