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   Topic: Anagram Eisley

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Abrupt, agile liar.

'Garron Wade Dupree'
anagrams to
'Raw, proud renegade.'
   Topic: Laughing Census #13 - Laughing City General Election

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also, it will truly be a huge step back if Obama is assassinated. i did not support him in the election but since he is now president over my country, i'm going to support ...
   Topic: LC Names

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i made my first email when i was nine 'crazeemunkeyz'
i use it for lots of stuff so that i don't have to remember all the different names. i really do hate the name but i can't bring myself ...
   Topic: Poll for a class

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french/american, 16
i don't see someone wishing their loved one(s) to die at any time. why would they?
   Topic: What the...

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Maybe it's a sneaky teaser ...

...i think someone knows something.

maybe it's forshadowing a blue, or sad, moment in eisley history..DON'T BREAK UP, EISLEY!

just kidding. i hope there is some ...
   Topic: last movie you watched...

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Help! starring the beatles
it was...crazy! i really loved their house though. like it was amazing.
   Topic: What the...

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The blue doesn't even go with the rest of the site. I guess I'm the only one who thinks it's ugly.
I agree that it's ugly in combination with all the green, but only because the green itself is ugly. ...
   Topic: The Magical World of...

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Emperor's New Groove
Ah! MY best friend and I still quote that movie. I remember we saw it in the theatre together. Uh-huh! Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh!

hahahah! i probably quote that movie once a week ...
   Topic: Post Your Middle Name Here:

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Lynne with an e. Why is this thread in EisleyBlog?
Because my sister is an idiot and probably clicked "new topic" while reading the Eisley middle names thread.
yeah gurl.
that's exactly w ...
   Topic: Post Your Middle Name Here:

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Laughing i've been planning to give my son the middle name Danger since 7th grade.
   Topic: Post Your Middle Name Here:

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there is a striking percentage of murderers with the middle name wayne. were you aware of that? my mom and i always talk about it when we hear someone gave their kid the middle name wayne. :lol ...
   Topic: Post Your Middle Name Here:

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that thread about eisley's middle names got me interested. what're y'alls middle names? and is there a story behind it?

my middle name is claire. it was gonna be my first name until my older sister ...
   Topic: drink!

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i like booze, and here's why:

You can get it reletively cheap, if you're smart.
Like, I get me a 32oz Miller High Life (Champagne of Beers) for about 2 bucks. I bring it into a restaurant via my ...
   Topic: Eisley in Seattle (11/7/08)

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I think what everyone really wants to know is, "What orchestra is it?"
i know i wasn't wondering that...but when i saw the vid i thought you be digging it.
   Topic: Eisley-Phone!

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that's cool! too bad i don't have any money for a sidekick or a sleek cover like that..
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