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   Topic: 90's Alternative Nostalgia

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I recently went through a 90s music phase and I think enough time has passed that hearing it again brings back more positive than negative memories. I guess that's nostalgia, right?

Pearl Jam and ...
   Topic: Where and what eisley song did you first heard?

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I first heard a clip of Telescope Eyes on MTV on Halloween 2003 and went out and bought Laughing City the next day.
   Topic: Terminator: Salvation, Now With Spoilers!

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I was entertained, but it didn't really feel like a Terminator movie to me.
   Topic: Coldplay (2015 starts pg 11)

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This song came out before Joe's.

Maybe Enanitos Verdes will be suing him.
   Topic: last movie you watched...

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Into The Wild. It's about a guy who drops out of society and hitchhikes to Alaska. Most of the music was done by Eddie Vedder.
   Topic: Which Batman?

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Batman Begins is my favorite from the ones I've seen.

Keaton and Kilmer were good. Clooney wasn't very convincing.
   Topic: Fans with Christain Beliefs.

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Sure. It is pretty simple.

Religion is about doing things to apease your god.

That is not what Christianity is. Christianity is a relationship.

While I respect, and probably agree with your ...
   Topic: Fans with Christain Beliefs.

Replies: 149
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I'm a Christian, but I try as hard as I can to not be religious.
   Topic: Question about Detroit Show (help!)

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The parking lots around the venue are pretty safe. If you really want a garage, the Millender Center is close. It's on Larned. See link. ...
   Topic: Detroit concert: directions, traffic...

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St. Andrews Hall faces Congress street and the entrance to the Shelter is in the back parking lot. There is plenty of parking b ...
   Topic: 1ST Eisley experience: What Happened?

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October 2003, Eisley was featured on an MTV show called "you heard it first" or something like that. I immediately fell in love with Telescope Eyes which was playing in the background. So ...
   Topic: Tommy (the who)

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You should get Tommy, but Quadrophenia is better.
   Topic: In your music library, who's before and after Eisley?

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Bob Dylan
Misty Edwards
The Electrocutes (early Donnas)
Brian Eno
   Topic: Eisley ripping off Nine Inch Nails?

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A Sight To Behold reminds me of a Donnas song called Revolver.
   Topic: I'm watching the time...

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I'm not into time.
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