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   Topic: Weird, random question...

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I had a co-worker, who is a lesbian, ask me if I had ever thought about being with a girl. I'm straight and would never actually be with a girl but I told her that I had though about it, sure, who ha ...
   Topic: "Twilight" author, Stephanie Meyer, is a fan

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Ahh! Shocked This is very cool. I'm a big fan of Stephanie Meyer's(I actually met her once at a book signing, she was nice and funny) and to find this out is sooo cool. If anyone here has not read ...
   Topic: Opinion Time! Which of the Three Bands Are Your Favs?

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Wow. No one seemed to dig either The Myriad or The Envy Corps very much. I for one fell in love with both these bands. Most especially The Myriad. I saw both the Atlanta and Birmingham shows and I ...
   Topic: ATLANTA

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I am soooo there! I think I might go the the Birmingham show also. I have family there so I could take a tiny road trip for another Eisley show. Very Happy I wonder what venue they'll be playing.
   Topic: The OFFICIAL "I heard Eisley in/at _____" thread!

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I heard "Come Clean" in Anthropologie on Friday. I was in the sale section and I was just thinking it would be awesome if I heard Eisley and as I was thinking it, it came on. I froze, gra ...
   Topic: The OFFICIAL "I heard Eisley in/at _____" thread!

Replies: 62
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My sister was talking on the phone with an employee at Hot Topic and she said she swore she could hear Eisley playing in the background. I'm still not sure I believe her but, she knew which song it w ...
   Topic: Zane: A Fantastic Merch Guy.

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Semi-related topic question: How does one become a merch guy/gal? That could be a pretty wicked job, very exciting.

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This post didn't seem to sound like Stacy to me. An imposter, maybe?! Sorry, that's probably pretty dorky, but did it seem that way to anyone else? Just kinda "off" somehow. Nevermind. ...
   Topic: ATL 11/03! *now with pictures*

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I had a great time! I finally got my brother to agree to see Eisley. He doesn't like their music very much but he agreed to go and he enjoyed it! I was shocked. His favorite song was "Come Cl ...
   Topic: I'm all for Eisley exposure but...The Hills?

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I saw it earlier without hearing about it beforehand and nearly had a heart attack. It started playing and I lept off the couch with my jaw on the floor, eyes as wide as plates and my arm extended, p ...
   Topic: Brightly Wound name debate

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Since we're on the subject of pronunciation I've got a question. How is "Feist" pronounced? I just discovered her music and I'm just not sure how to freakin say it! I'm assuming it's like ...
   Topic: Win a big box of old Eisley stuff! Update: THE WINNER IS...

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My(fictional)entry in poem form:

I am a homeless girl,
Which all can see,
I'm not the most worthy to bestow your lot prize of the enchanting band Eisley.

But I wish you would consider,
One o ...
   Topic: I felt rather like a DuPree yesterday...

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What is an acceptable length for skinny jeans? Whenever I try them on they are either too long or waaay too short. Anyway, my question is: Where should your skinny jeans hit?
   Topic: For all the members of Eilsey! important!

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Where is the pouncing? I can't believe there weren't any more smart remarks than the one or two. And thank you Hannah for taking time to give a serious answer to a serious question.

Good luck wit ...
   Topic: I know Combinations just came out....BUT!

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Ok, got it. I heard about The Baby. Never did, and probably wouldn't, listen to it. I would be extremely tempted though.
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