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   Topic: How Old Are You? 10 - 30 Eisley Market Research

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A 24 year old here. I didn't think the demo was this young. Wow.
   Topic: Market Research Question from Eisley

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Wal-mart? Well, depends on how bad you want to make money. Honestly. I don't think any kind of integrity would be sacrificed, even if you guys/gals don't shop there. I know a lot of folks that buy mus ...
   Topic: A sad sad story (room noises)

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You could always buy another one and give Eisley some more royalties. I had to do that with my David Bazan CD b/c my roommate burned it on a buffing wheel while trying to resurface it [he scratched it ...
   Topic: Oh Sherri!

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Weddings are fun.
   Topic: 50 Cent Loves Eisley?!!!??

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That is some flarkin funny spit.
   Topic: Eisley'd Out?

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I tend to play Eisley - Room Noises a lot at my record store I work at. The other employees are little emo-weinies and they thinks its "too pop". Frankly, I just get tired of listening to me ...
   Topic: What to do with the Rhodes.

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I played a rhodes today at Guitar Center, but alas I ended up buying another drum stool instead. Thus is the life of a drummer.
   Topic: HAPPY 18TH, STACY! wootwoot!

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wow. That was depressing.

Have some cake.
   Topic: HAPPY 18TH, STACY! wootwoot!

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and now begins a journey into adulthood, although, you have probably lived a more adult life than most your age. I congratulate you on this achievement and wish you all the best. Also, cigarettes and ...
   Topic: Newbies.......introduce yourselves here!

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Burris, 23, Dayton Ohio.

Thats all really.
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