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The Rocket Boys were very excellent! And Kashmir wowed the socks off of me! THey're amazing! Smile Can we buy their music in the US now? THey said they had an ep with them and i went to try and find the merchbooth, but couldn't find them. Did anyone of yall find the merchbooth?

Eisley played some new songs! I remember one of them was "Sad." I couldn't understand the words - Chauntelle steped to the side for that one (i think) - It was an impressive song that will certainly improve for me after ferther listens... it's Eisley!!!! so I'm confident of that! Thank you Eisley for coming and rocking the house! Very Happy

edit: Yalls presentation of Mr. Pine was spectacular! Smile

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed." prov 16:3
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