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which name is best?
punk floyd
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The Piper's Saucerful of Meddle Moons
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bigideas wrote:
Thanks for your help...not.

I was thinking about Floyd without being aware of their catalog remastering. Target is advertising that if you buy two you will get a $5 gift card. If they have them I will get Animals and Meddle.

Meddle's one of my favourites, though mostly for the sublime 'Echoes'. Still, it also has the right mix of sunny tracks and more sinister, brooding ones. Animals an odd beast and I've listened to it loads of times over the years, while still never being quite about to decide what I think of it. It's quite an ugly album - perhaps there's something disturbing in the way the warbling guitars and animal bleatings often become indistinguishable and blend into each other. It has a lot of drive; it kicks you in the teeth more than most Pink Floyd albums, if that's what you're after! The first and last tracks are also genuinely sweet, unlike most of what Waters writes! Speaking of the lyrics, they're a little ham-fisted, but consistent and sometimes incisive... I don't think there are many post-Barrett tracks with great lyrics though: 'Wish You Were Here', 'Brain Damage', 'Nobody Home', 'High Hopes' and 'Comfortably Numb' just about covers it, to my mind!

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Oh, I wasn't referring to one person, just the entire board.
I want to talk Floyd and there is no one to talk to, that is all. Laughing

As big as they were I figured at least a few people would be game to talk about them. For a time Eisley mentioned Floyd as one of their favorite artists I think, but I don't think they have in quite some time.

The most popular I don't have other than those 2 is probably their debut album, but I remember that was released in multiple editions with all kinds of bonus tracks just a few years ago, so I figured one of those versions was the better way to go when I want that one.

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